Hoi An Ancient Town - The most beautiful ancient city in Asia

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Hoi An Ancient Town - The most beautiful ancient city in Asia
Date Submitted: 09/07/2021 01:07 PM

Hoi An is a famous city of Quang Nam province, an old town that is kept almost intact with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, pagodas, temples, ethnic churches, ancient wells... to the traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. A visit to Hoi An will captivate visitors by the timeless beauty, extremely rustic and idyllic.

“I want to tell Lai Vien Kieu Hoi town
Waiting for people to turn to the shadow of the river in the afternoon
The curved wooden roof of the bridge is painted and carved
Hundreds of years have passed, the tile is still warm and mossy color.”

Hoi An - the convergence of the quintessence of Vietnam's beauty, culture and history

When traveling to Hoi An, visitors should choose the time around February - April every year because that is when Hoi An pleases tourists the most. There is little rain, no hot sun like summer, pleasant climate, open space. At this time, visitors can freely visit the beautiful scenes in Hoi An or discover new activities and places to feel the fullest, most complete beauty here. Remember to book your hotel in Hoi An  early to avoid running out of rooms.

Traditional architecture

Hoi An is famous for its traditional and harmonious architectural beauty of houses, walls and roads. Along with many ups and downs of history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the ancient beauty of silence and moss in each tile roof, brick, tree line, etc., like the simplicity of personality and pure soul. , the authenticity of the local people.

The ancient architecture seems to remain intact in each roof, on each Hoi An street

The most common type of housing is the one or two-story tubular house with a narrow width and a very long depth. The house is made from materials with high strength and durability due to the harsh climate here. The two sides have separate brick walls and wooden frames, divided into three compartments with a path in the middle. Each house in Hoi An ensures the harmony between living space and nature. Each house has a courtyard that is paved with stone and decorated with water tanks, rockeries, and ornamental plants, creating an overall beauty.

The houses are lined up close together in the heart of the old town

With a unique architecture, the space of the house in Hoi An is always airy, full of sunlight, people and nature as one. These things bring a comfortable life to the locals and the enjoyment of tourists in Hoi An travel.

Streets in the Old Quarter are arranged horizontally along a chessboard style with short and beautiful streets, winding, embracing houses. Walking through each of those small and peaceful streets, visitors can not only enjoy delicious food but also see a part of the daily life of the people of Hoi An, a peaceful and simple life. weird.

The ancient town of Hoi An is rustic and peaceful on every street corner

The complex of Hoi An architectural monuments is very rich and beautiful, so this place has been and will always be a place to attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit, explore and fully enjoy their vacation when booking. The hotel is right in the old town of Hoi An. Traveling to Hoi An, visitors will realize that time seems to have stopped here in each of the yin and yang tiled roofs covered with moss, the old gray moldy walls, preserved from the past and exist to this day.

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