Deputy Director of manager

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Deputy Director of manager
Date Submitted: 02/07/2021 01:06 PM


- Coordinate with the Board of Directors to supervise and administer all activities of the Company to ensure the completion of the common goals.

- Building a system of processes/regulations at company level and departments to ensure systematic, efficient and professional.

- Ensure that the management system is updated in a timely manner and works effectively during the operation.

- Coordinate with the Board of Directors to plan, develop goals, standards and business & marketing strategies.

- Develop long-term and short-term human resource plans. Directly participate in recruiting personnel for important positions for the company.

- Develop a salary and reward mechanism in line with the Company's strategy and goals.

- Develop and control the budget and operating cost norms of the Company. Ensure effective and transparent company operations to achieve the set profit targets.

- Report performance indicators periodically.


- Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar position. Have experience in managing and operating a company with a size of 50 employees or more.

- Have leadership ability, effective work organization, planning.

- Understanding the operation in Game Club.

- Knowledge of the company's business and its competitors.

Salary: Negotiable



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Hotline: 0939 987 247