Head of Business Service Management

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Head of Business Service Management
Date Submitted: 02/07/2021 01:17 PM


- Develop a plan to exploit, search and implement the business plan according to the revenue - cost - profit targets approved by the Board of Directors;

- Making monthly, quarterly and yearly business plans;

- Execution and management of sales operations

- Implement / manage product promotion operations, increase the company's image

- Commitment to sales targets and coordination and implementation to achieve the target.

- Advising the Board of Directors in developing sales & marketing strategies as well as implementing promotional and customer care activities.

- Understand the company's vision, mission, purpose and values to be able to convey to employees and partners

- Ensure the management of human resources, develop the sales team, train and build a sales team.

- Connect and develop good relationships with travel agencies, event companies and tour operators

- Manage and execute business strategy


- Ability to work strategically at work

- Have knowledge and experience in the field of sales & marketing, have skills and experience in management

- Have good communication skills, presentation, good attitude thái

- Knowledge of Game Club.

- Good English, good computer

- At least 1 year of experience in similar positions.

Salary: Negotiable


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Hotline: 0939 987 247